Unable to convert value XYZ to the appropriate data type to perform the search. Reason: Unable apply transfor mation "To date time" to value XYZ

Hi all,

since one of the recent releases (4.6 or 4.7), the search function is not working for me anymore. If I search for “XYZ” in the simple search, it shows “Search query: q PARTIAL XYZ” and finds 0 results. Advanced search for example for tags doesn’t work anymore either.

I enabled debug logging and found this:

mayan.apps.dynamic_search.search_query_types <44> [WARNING] "resolve_for_backend() line 143 Unable to convert value `XYZ` to the appropriate data type to perform the search. Reason: Unable apply transformation `To date time` to value `XYZ`."
mayan.apps.dynamic_search.backends.whoosh.backend <44> [DEBUG] "_do_query_resolve() line 84 results: <Top 0 Results for Or([Wildcard('id', '*XYZ*'), Wildcard('document_type__id', '*XYZ*'), Wildcard('document_type__label', '*xyz*'), Wildcard('label', '*xyz*'), Wildcard('description', '*xyz*'), Wildcard('uuid', '*XYZ*'), Wildcard('files__checksum', '*xyz*'), Wildcard('files__filename', '*xyz*'), Wildcard('files__mimetype', '*xyz*'), Wildcard('cabinets__id', '*XYZ*'), Wildcard('cabinets__label', '*xyz*'), Wildcard('comments__text', '*xyz*'), Wildcard('files__file_pages__content__content', '*xyz*'), Wildcard('workflows__log_entries__comment', '*xyz*'), Wildcard('files__file_metadata_drivers__entries__key', '*xyz*'), Wildcard('files__file_metadata_drivers__entries__value', '*xyz*'), Wildcard('metadata__metadata_type__name', '*xyz*'), Wildcard('metadata__value', '*xyz*'), Wildcard('versions__version_pages__ocr_content__content', '*xyz*'), Wildcard('signature_captures__text', '*xyz*'), Wildcard('signature_captures__user__first_name', '*xyz*'), Wildcard('signature_captures__user__last_name', '*xyz*'), Wildcard('signature_captures__user__username', '*xyz*'), Wildcard('files__source_metadata__key', '*xyz*'), Wildcard('files__source_metadata__value', '*xyz*'), Wildcard('tags__color', '*xyz*'), Wildcard('tags__id', '*XYZ*'), Wildcard('tags__label', '*xyz*')]) runtime=0.009781155997188762>"


  1. Is this warning the reason why the search is not returning anything?
  2. If so, what causes this attempt to convert my input strings “To date time”?

Thank you for your help!