I scheduled a meeting for a demo of Mayan and it was cancelled

Mayan EDMS is a free and open-source software, distributed for free with no restrictions. Our only revenue model is technical services.

Since the software is already available for free, our meetings are only to discuss paid services.

Providing support, demos, or consultation about our free product would in effect constitute work product that we would also be providing for free in addition to the already free product itself.

Mayan EDMS can be easily installed using the extensive free documentation (Docker Compose installation — Mayan EDMS 4.6.2 documentation) which also details the main features of the software (Features — Mayan EDMS 4.6.2 documentation).

There is also:

Once you’ve become acquainted with Mayan EDMS schedule a paid services sales meeting to discuss which paid support option is the right fit for your Mayan EDMS long term usage and maintenance.