Google censoring Mayan?

FYI. It appears Google is censoring or shadow banning Mayan.
Same criteria filtering by latest in the month.




Junk results after 2nd page for Google (even porn sites), still meaningful results for Bing even after page 5.

Google is also swamping Mayan results with ads for the competition. They are actively trying to move traffic away from Mayan!

Now that I switched to Mayan is like a whole new world opened before my eyes. All the hate towards Mayan is manufactured!

Yes, this has been an ongoing issue for a number of years. The search position continues to decline regardless of the amount of additional content that is added to the forum and the website:

Even as we target the most popular search terms for Mayan, which increase impressions and clicks:

This means that each week Mayan content is more popular, more people search for Mayan content and click on it, while at the same time the results for Mayan are ranked lower, which does not make sense.

But this is a long standing issue that started around 2015. We continue to follow SEO best practices as Google’s search engine is updated to combat this problem.