Dynamic quick labels

Dear Mayan-dev-team,

I have been testing the quick label option and have read the Quick labels use case and I understand your use case for quick labels now.

For my use case, it would be great to have a bit more flexibility. E.g. appending a dynamic prefix or suffix like {{ now }}-invoice so that the resulting quick label suggestion would be some thing like 2024-05-30-invoice.

I know, that this could be implemented using a workflow. But might be useful when adding documents manually.

I am interested to hear your thoughts.

Kind regards,

The document needs to be created first before the metadata or attributes about the document can be inspected. Therefore the quick labels can not access those attributes. This is a chicken and egg problem.

In order to solve it, the quick label feature needs to be reworked to operate as a background task that executes after the document is created. At that point the functionality would be almost identical to the existing workflow document property modification action.

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