Accessing Knowledge Base?


I am a long time Open Semantic Search user. I have a new day job and we decided to switch to Mayan EDMS since there is good support, while OSS is almost abandoned by the developer.

I do the hands on technical work, but someone else logged in and paid for the Knowledge Base, and now I don’t see how to get to it. There is no obvious login prompt and a couple of things lead me to a “subscribe now” dialog.

How do I just log in?


The knowledge base powered by the same software as the forum and is accessed via the “Docs” link in the top navigation bar when you log in to the forum.

The Knowledge base can only be accessed by the account that paid for the subscription. Your account has the “KB supporter” badge so it should be able to access the Knowledge base.

Here is the link to the full details:

Wow, a six minute response time! I can’t get questions on OSS answered in six months.

TYVM sir, looking forward to getting some documents loaded up today :wink:

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