Access control for cabinet

I have an issue with limit access to my cabinets. I have 2 cabinets: Need Financial Specialist approval and Need Financial Manager approval. As the name says, the former cabinet should be seen by Financial Specialist only and the latter should be accessible for Financial Manager only.

But when I login as either user, click Cabinet → All, I can see all the cabinets in the system. I ensure both of the user’s role only have permission to “View cabinets”.

Below is my ACLs for each cabinet and what it looks list when login as Financial Specialist .

It’s kind of urgent so please help me.

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Looking into this for verification.

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Hi @roberto.rosario

Do you have any updates on this? I’m using version 4.6.3.

Similar issue happens when I set the ACLs for 2 documents. You can view the screenshots below. I set 2 different roles to see 1 document each. But when login as one of the user under Financial Specialist role, the user can see both documents.

I have not been able to replicate this behavior.

Since your installation seems to be having problem with authentication it is likely that the two issues are related: Disable anonymous login - #5 by taro

Did you make any modifications to your installation?
Can you try to replicate this with a clean installation of version 4.6.4?

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I figured out that it’s my misunderstanding in setting up the roles, permissions and ACLs.

I followed this post can limit the roles to see a specific cabinet now: Allowing only one document type when creating a new document - #2 by scv1503