4.7 Upgrade requires PostgreSQL binary upgrade first

Hello @roberto.rosario ,

In your 4.7 Release Notes you specify below…

Continuing the discussion from Version 4.7:

How do you go about doing the binary upgrade first?
When you run the compose file will it auto detect and do the upgrade itself?


Hi @dbayer,

Here is the link to the KB tutorial on the process: Convert the PostgreSQL database data files version using Docker Compose

It is a variation of the backup/restore process now included in the version 4.7 Docker Compose file: Backing up a Mayan EDMS Docker Compose stack PostgreSQL service

This process is very important so make sure to include alternate methods of reverting back the installation like a disk/VM snapshot or full host backup before proceeding.

The process needs to be done only once and according to PostgreSQL new semantic versioning guidelines, no other binary update will be needed for all future 14.xx versions.

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Thank you Robert. I appreciate the detailed explanation.