Workflow Tutorial

Hi. At the moment I’m experimenting with Mayan’s workflow system (version 4.3.) but I guess I would need some tutorials or more detailled descriptions how to build one. As I remember in the old forum there was a good one. Does this still exist?

I need a specific two-stage-approval workflow, I already created States and transitions for that. The challenge is that the same person MUST NOT approve the same document in both stages (either in ONE or in the OTHER). I thought I can do this with conditions for the state transition but I have no starting point on how to do that. {{ workflow_instance.get_last_log_entry.user ??? }}

It would be very kind if you could provide some information about that.

Best regards


Hey mate, while I was googling around for some other info for my self I found this blog with some helpful info on Mayan. In it they have some good basic tutorial for work flows. Hope this helps.