Version 4.6 beta 1

Version 4.6 beta 1

Released: December 22, 2023


  • Mayan EDMS now uses Django 4.2.

  • Improve file metadata app:

    • Normalized attribute names to allow referencing names with spaces.
    • Execute all drivers for a given MIME type.
    • Anti virus scanning with results stored in relation to the document files.
    • Automatic discovery and registration of drivers.
    • Parallel processing of drivers.
  • Components based UI templates.

  • Cabinets display the document count.

  • All dependencies updated to their latest compatible versions.

  • Mailer app improvements:

    • Mailing profile create, delete, update API.
    • API to send documents, document file, and document versions links or attachments.
  • Settings app improvements:

    • Explicit save changes option.
    • Support to revert unsaved settings.
    • New Django CSRF related settings exposed for easier HTTPS proxying.

Help us test this version and report all issues found for a speedy release before 2024 or early 2024.

To test this version change the following values in the .env file:

DO NOT test this version against production data.

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