Version 4.5 beta 1 available

The first beta of the 4.5 series is now available.

As with any beta, do not install this on a production system, do not use a production database or production document storage.


  • Use Debian 12 as the Docker base image.
  • Docker Compose multi_container profile for easier multi container deployments from the same Docker Compose file.
  • Improve navigation. Views include a “return” link that takes users back to the main list view of the section.
  • Performance improvements. Frequent operation like document creation, document file deletion, page creations were optimized for performance.
  • New asynchronous event system.
  • Per document type stub pruning. Allows for using Mayan as a document-less information archive.
  • AJAX spinner enabled on small devices.
  • New credentials app. This app holds all credentials and serves as a password vault.
  • New API endpoints: File download API among a few others.
  • Unified sources (document capture) system: watch storages and staging storages. These work like watch folders and staging folders but use configurable storage instead of just filesystems. This allows object storage like S3, Wasabi or MinIO to be used as document sources.
  • Scalability improvements. Along with the new source improvements, documents of multiple gigabytes in size are easily processed. Uploaded documents become available much faster.
  • New sources actions system and API. Sources expose their functionality over the API, this allow using sources from the user interface or the API in the same manner.
  • Immediate mode for sources. Support was added for immediate mode which returns a document ID as soon as document is uploaded via the API. This removes the need to poll the API for new documents.
  • New worker added. Worker E was added to handler search backend indexing and avoid search task from slowing down other queues.
  • Task queues rebalancing.
  • Persistent RabbitMQ queues when using Docker Compose.
  • Support for persistent database connections in Docker Compose.
  • Many dependencies updated to their latest versions.
  • Fieldsets used in more areas.
  • Search fields grouped and sorted using fieldsets.
  • Support for external PostgreSQl, Rabbit and Redis servers when using the Docker Compose file.
  • Sources metadata support. Information about the document file submission is stored in persisten manner and accesible via template. Things like email sender, destination, message ID and such are available in templates, indexes, workflows, etc.
  • Many more improvements and fixes across all areas.

Docker image available at:
Along with the new Docker Compose file:
And .env file:

Code branch: Files · series/4.5 · Mayan EDMS / Mayan EDMS · GitLab

Known issues:

  • Two failing quota tests.
  • No view to reinspect the size of failed document upload file.
  • Documentation diagrams not rendering with error ImageDraw' object has no attribute 'textsize.