Version 4.4 beta 1

The first beta of version 4.4 is now available.

The Docker image is available from the GitLab registry via:

docker pull

Notables features:

  • Open ID connect authentication for open standard SSO.
  • Bulk document file downloads.
  • New iteration of the search system which includes more search modes: partial, exact, greater than, less than, ranges (numeric and dates), support for data type: text, number, dates. Search query explainer. All three supported search backends are now feature complete.
  • S3 libraries included by default.
  • Mount cabinets as a filesystem just like indices.
  • Support for PostgreSQL 13.
  • Keycloak container included in the Docker Compose file.
  • New permission to control document type changes.
  • Unlimited document metadata value field size.
  • Extract metadata from .msg files.
  • Composable settings to support Kubernetes operator secrets out of the box.
  • New statistic chart types.
  • User interfaces improvements.
  • Performance and scalability improvements.
  • Stability improvements on high load/high document page installations (>15 million pages).
  • REST API schemas enabled again for all endpoints.

Complete release notes: docs/releases/4.4.txt · series/4.4 · Mayan EDMS / Mayan EDMS · GitLab

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