Version 4.4.4

Released: February 14, 2023

Status: Stable


Authentication OTP

The interface of the library used for generating QRCodes changed and
broke the OTP QRCode generation. The image interface was updated, a new
test added, and the entire QRCode generation simplified to lower the
changes of future regressions.


The Python Transifex client was remove and replace with the new Go based
client. This client is OS dependent and needs to be installed manually
when working with translations (

Document indexing

An edge case was fixed where index levels with blank values would cause
the empty index instance node clean up routine to incorrectly delete
index instance nodes containing other document references, requiring a
rebuild. A partial patch from a future index optimization was backported
to enact the correct behavior.


The validation errors in the document metadata API were incorrectly
causing HTTP 500 server errors. A custom REST API exception handler was
added to workaround inconsistent validation exception behavior in the
Django REST framework and ensure validation error raise a HTTP 400 error


Backward incompatible changes


Issues closed

  • GitLab issue

    Endpoint api/v4/documents/(?P<document_id>d+)/metadata/ not
    handling ValidationError exception (Returns 500 Internal Server
    Error instead)
  • GitLab issue

    Assigning a Cabinet to a Document that is part of an “No Cabinet”
    Index destroys the Index