Version 4.3.8

Released: April 15, 2023

Status: Stable


This version merges fixes and updates from version 4.2.15 and some
backported from version 4.5dev0.


Local config values are not to be included in the Mayan app settings.
Local config values are meant to override CI/CD and test settings, and
not meant to be committed as permanent to the repository.

Improve the CD deployment stages. Long setting versions are now used for
clarity. Existing Docker volumes are now cleaned up using the official
method. Images are always pulled to ensure the latest copy is used even
if the image has the same tag as the remote such as when building test


Updated the Docker image versions tags:

  • ElasticSearch from 7.17.0 to 7.17.9
  • Debian from 11.4-slim to 11.6-slim
  • MySQL from 8.0 to 8.0.32
  • PostgreSQL from 12.11-alpine to 12.14-alpine
  • Python from 3.10-slim to 3.10.11-slim
  • RabbitMQ from 3.10-alpine to 3.10.20-alpine
  • Redis from 6.2-alpine to 6.2.11-alpine


Fix sources app migration 0027 backend mapping paths.

Staging folder file image cache errors are now ignored if the image
cache is not already generated when deleting the staging folder file.


The workflow state action column is not shown for the workflow state
runtime proxies where is does not make sense to show as this is
configuration information and not runtime information.


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