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I’m exploring using Mayan EDMS as a way to organize documents in the company and make some of them available outside as elements of online scientific publications (mostly: figures and diagrams, but also some PDFs).

For that the most important function for us is the web link - we need to be able to paste such a link (typically to the latest version of the file in a document) on some external web page and such a link should be available to everyone.
I tried to check how that works but the web link functionality has suprisingly little love in the Mayan documentation, there is not even a chapter about that anywhere, just some notes in the version history.
And unfortunately when I played around, I immediately got into trouble - none of the links I created work - one (to some metadata) shows a Mayan-themed web page with a “Page not found” error, another - to the latest file - just a browser error 410.

My questions are:

  • is there any description how to configure the web links so that they are available and can be read by the public?
  • does what I wrote above sound as some obvious misconfiguration that I can easily fix?
  • (this one is more into details: ) it seems that the web link is configurable on the document type level, is there a way to define it on a cabinet level, so that the users can decide what files will be published to the outside world sand what will not?

Thanks in advance!


Can anyone point me to some documentation about Web Links in Mayan? Pretty please! :slight_smile:
Maybe I’m blind, but cannot find anything, not even using Google, and it seems such an important functionality!


It’s my understanding that weblinks are for outgoing URL’s, not for incoming links to documents.

I think there is a REST API shell available that allows simple interaction with Mayan.

Hope that Helps.

If you subscribe to the Knowledge base, you can read this article about web links.

Thank you very much, I subscribed to the KB and you are right - the web links are exactly the opposite of that I need. Now that I know how they work - they work well and there is no misconfiguration, but yeah - this is not what I need…

I will look at the API, thanks for the hint!

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