Using the extract_msg plugin

Mayan version 4.7. - via docker

Hi everyone,

can you tell me, which metadata fields the extract_msg plugin can extract?

I am testing Mayan for some weeks now and was trying to extract the file metadata with a wokflow now to add them as document metdata. Works fine so far, but extract_msg provides only 3 metadata fields: sender, subject and to. I am missing at least the date field.

So I was having a look at the eml plugin. I converted my msg-file to eml and was happy to notice, that the eml-plugin provides 30 metadata fields, including the date field.

Is this an expected behavior or should I have a look at my msg-file (exported from Outlook 2010 - yes, I know, it is quite old).

Thanks for your help!


The MSG driver was added a long time ago vs the EML driver which was added in the last version. The original scope for MSG email property extraction was simple and that is reflected on the fields extracted. The EML on the other hand benefits from many lessons learned and is for example recursive able to extract a lot more information.

If there is demand, the MSG driver can be updated to also work in recursive mode and extract more data.

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