Using IMAP Mail Sources

I am trying to automatically categorize documents sent by mail. The IMAP Source works as expected, but then I’m stuck. How can I associate cabinets or document types based on subject or body text of the email?
I 've read the knowledge base article, and I notice that mail informations are retained as document metadata, but I’m not able to find or use them to manage mail imports.
Thanks for a pointer where to look

Source metadata is different than document metadata.

For classification you need a workflow that examines the values fsgored from the source via a condition. The template to access the condition is:

{{ document.source_metadata_value_of.source_id }}

If you just want to group document by email subject or sender, you can use an index and set the value of the node to the value of the email sender.

The available values can be found in the “Source metadata” tab of the document files.

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This looks promising. Thanks for the help!