Unsuccessful postgresql upgrade

Hi All,

I use the Mayan EDMS (ver. 4.5.6), it works fine. The database components are Postgresql 10.18-alpine and Redis 6.2-alpine. It is a simple docker installation on Debian.

I have tried to upgrade Postgres to 16.0-alpine version following these steps:

  • docker pull postgres:16.0-alpine
  • docker stop mayan-edms
  • docker exec -it 8d58c8121660 pg_dumpall -U mayan > /tmp/dumpfile #version 10.18
  • docker stop mayan-edms-postgres #version 10.18
  • docker rm mayan-edms-postgres
  • mkdir /home/docker-volumes/mayan-edms/postgres-new #for version 16.0
  • docker run -d --name mayan-edms-postgres --restart=always -p 5432:5432 -e POSTGRES_USER=mayan -e POSTGRES_DB=mayan -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=mayanuserpass -v /home/docker-volumes/mayan-edms/postgres-new:/var/lib/postgresql/data postgres:16.0-alpine
  • docker exec feacfc2cb355 psql -d mayan -U mayan < /tmp/dumpfile
  • docker start mayan-edms

After these steps when I point my browser to the link of Mayan, the login screen loads but Mayan does not accept any user-password pair. It is not possible to login with Postgres-16.0. If I start the Mayan with 10.18 everything is ok.

What did I do wrong?


Try a gradual upgrade: 10 to 11, 11 to 12, 12 to 13.10-alpine (the latest known to work well). Test the installation after each upgrade.

Don’t upgrade past version 13.10. Version above 13 seem to work but have not yet been extensively tested.

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Thank you, Roberto!

I have upgraded to 11. It seems Mayan works fine. I test it with Postgres 11 and later I will go to 13.10 gradually.

I used this article:


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