Understanding Support Levels - "Maximum documents"

Hello together,

so, in general, I would be very interested to try out using Mayan EDMS privately.
I would also be willing to support to the project to a certain degree monetarily.

However, I’ve some trouble understanding the support levels:

What exactly does the “Maximum of 1,000 documents” at the Level 1 tier mean?
That I can only store 1000 documents? Or that support is given up to that size?



The software itself is unlimited in all aspects (users, documents, groups, tags). The support on the other hand is divided into tiers based on the size of the installation. Support tiers are a common industry practice and not unique to Mayan: Multi-level tech support - Wikipedia

It is common to divide the tiers by different units:


Mayan support uses document and user count as they are the main system objects.

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Thanks. Actually what I assumed.

Also: The server this runs on, uses Proxmox, so I know this concept. Just wanted to verify that storage or function aren’t actually affected, only support. Will likely get the monthly for now and look into more, should I decide to run it in the long run.

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