Transformation: watermark transparency problem?

with a transformation I insert a png file in a pdf.
my source png file is:

the transformation settings are:

I tried with multiple transparency values… from 1 to 9, but the result is always the same… = on the pdf file the “green picture” is not green… and not clearly visible.

The result in the pdf file is this:

Can you please provide some guidance ?


problem solved :wink:

was thinking that transparency parameter has to be between 1-10…
it s not the case…
it s between 1 and 100

How do you add a watermark? could you help me with the steps.

New Knowledge base tutorial on adding stamps and watermarks: Using converter assets in documents

Transformations are much easier to use since version 4.3 with the addition of transformations forms: Version 4.3 — Mayan EDMS 4.5.7 documentation

These replace adding JSON/YAML encoded arguments to transformations.

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