Transformation: watermark added, i see the watermark on mayan but not in the downloaded document

I added in a workflow a transformation step, to add a watermark on the pdf file…
I when I consult the pdf from the mayan interface, I can see the watermark.

BUT, when I download the PDF file, and open it, there is no more the watermark…
I would like to have the watermark also in the exported pdf, I don t know what i m doing wrong, if some1 can provide some guidance please ??



When you download a document file, you get back the exact file you uploaded. Document files are never modified.

If you want the modified document, you need to export the document version instead. Exported versions include all changes you’ve made, even page reordering, page appends, or disabled pages.

Thank you Roberto for your quick response.

The export version functionnality is doing the job.


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