Sidebar obstructing everything

On some screens, the sidebar obstructs a lot of things–to the point where I have to go into the browser’s developer tools and manually delete div id=“sidebar” to get access to the elements underneath.

This was the case with 4.3.1, and this is also the case with 4.4.6 which I updated to yesterday. I feel like I’m doing something terribly wrong, as this must be a fairly common problem, and no one is talking about it :slight_smile:

So far it seems to be only confined to recent versions of Chrome/Chromium.

It is unclear what is the root cause of the issue: bad CSS on our part that just happened to work for some years but was fundamentally wrong, CSS combination that triggers a bug in the browser, browser backwards incompatible change/bug/regression.

Reported also:

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Many thanks for the quick reply, Roberto! Yeah since Chromium also powers Edge and Opera, the problem pretty much exists in every browser except Firefox. Would really appreciate it if you could get it fixed!

For now, I’ve created a “theme” with #sidebar { display: none; }, but of course that’s suboptimal.