Set a document to a cabinet based on OCR

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I have tested indexing by OCR content and it worked perfectly. However, I am wondering if the documents can also be assigned to a specific cabinet based on the OCR content. If that is not possible, I would also consider assigning the documents to a specific cabinet based on their indexing as a workaround (using API). Does anyone have experience with this?

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The best way to do this is with a workflow. In this example I’ll place an image in the “2023 memes” cabinet if they have the words ‘eggs’ and ‘gas’ in the OCR text.

  1. Create the cabinet first
  2. Create the workflow as follows

a. Two states: created and OCR complete.
b. Add a single transition from created to OCR complete.
c. Set the transition trigger to be the OCR complete event.

d. Add an action to the OCR complete state to add the document to the cabinet.

e. Set the action condition to be the OCR content.

f. Associate the workflow with a document type.
g. Upload a document and test.


Hi Roberto,

Thank you so much for your quick reply!

Your solution looks very promising since it does not require the use of the API.

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