Search for Tag still finds document after removal


when using the document search with the query (default search engine)

tags__label EXACT "an Steuerbüro senden"

then all documents with this tag are found - even documents that had this tag before but is removed now:

When looking into Tags → Documents then the documents are showed up correctly.

How can I fix this?

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My guess is that the search backend index was not yet updated when you started your search. The search index update is a rather long running background task so you may encounter this behaviour when this tag was just recently removed.

Thx for your answer, now after waiting for one day, this document still has not updated its search index yet (where most of the other documents do). So I guess the rebuild job for this document failed.

  • Is there a way to force rebuild the index for a single document? (I know there is a tool for a complete rebuild)
  • Is there a way to view the current index for a single document? (via SQL, or in a file)

Regards, Torsten

I’m just answering to let you know that I’ve read your reply. Unfortunately I cannot answer these questions but I guess that pretty much anything you do with the document should update the index. So you might want to add and remove the tag again?!

However this will of course not answer the question why this happens in the first place or how to prevent this behaviour in the future.

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Some of the document search indices seem to be messed up in my case, not only with the tag described above, but also with metadata value. I tried to:

  • add and delete the tags
  • re-entered the metadata values for the documents

But this did not fix the search index (or it does not seem to be rebuilt for those documents).

Is there any other way to force rebuilding it for the document? The only way I figured out was to completely remove and re-add the whole document (with loss of history and comments).

Is there any better way?

Since I’m using search expressions excessively to assign DMS documents to ERP business records, this problem has an high impact for me.


Under the System:Tools Menu there is a reindex search backend option.

I believe you can also call this from the REST API.