Province of British Columbia - Property Information Management System

PIMS is a solution that will record, track and manage information about all property interests of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s (MoTI’s) Regional property services offices and Headquarter’s Properties and Land Management Branch (PLMB).

The purpose of the Properties Services Project is to implement a new solution that will record, track and manage information about all property interests of MOTI/BCTFA and enable efficient operation of the Ministry’s associated property business processes.

The objectives include:

  • Record and process information about all Property interests of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) and assets held by the Ministry and BC Transportation Financing Authority (BCTFA).
  • Produce reports and standard Ministry forms related to property business.
  • Spatially display the current legal Provincial cadastre and associate to all MoTI property interests’ data and documentation.
  • Display associations from properties of interest to current and historical property data, property activities, property interests, and supporting documentation.
  • Enable the Ministry to record and retrieve accurate, complete, and permanently accessible information about the acquisition, management and disposition of transportation related property.

Mayan EDMS provides the backbone for document processing:

EDMS Functionality
- Documents such as forms, contracts, reports, and letters.
- Managing the entire document lifecycle, from its creation onwards, where live editing in the system is possible.
- Providing audit trails, showing who accessed a document and which changes were made.
- Check-in, check-out, and locking, where the changes of a user won’t overwrite the changes of the previous user.
- Controlling and managing different versions and making sure there’s one single source of truth.
- Activating a prior version of a document.
- Sharing documents, where it is easy to circulate large files.
- Tags, author name, document name and the description of a publication.