Old GUI parts after migration to 4.5.2


since version 4.5. I started a fresh and empty docker testing environment and noticed some new features on the GUI, for example workflows on the screenshot below. After upgrading my production environment from version 4.4. to version 4.5.2, I still have the old version of the user interface (with the side-by-side-action buttons).

As for migrating to a new version, I started a complete new docker compose environment, imported the SQL dump from my previous productive version and added the docker data volume. Everything works well, the “about” menu shows version 4.5.2 but still the old GUI.

What am I missing?

Best regards


This change actually happened in version 4.4 (Version 4.4 — Mayan EDMS 4.5.2 documentation).

Views and actions are now collapsed by default. This reduces the visual complexity of the views. These are presented as two new table columns. Menus with a single action are unrolled into a button.

Icons were added for collapsed views and actions menus.

Check the values of the settings COMMON_COLLAPSE_LIST_MENU_LIST_FACET and COMMON_COLLAPSE_LIST_MENU_OBJECT. They should be true. If not, change them to true and restart.

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