Official cloud hosting service


First and foremost, we extend our sincere gratitude for this remarkable project; it significantly facilitates the operations and expansion of our business.

Mayan has evolved into an indispensable component of our operations, and it is imperative for us to ensure its seamless performance well into the future.

Presently, we manage Mayan internally, a task executed competently by our capable team. However, our primary concerns revolve around upgrades, maintenance, and support. We aim to empower our team to focus on managing our applications without the added complexity of mastering additional technologies.

While Mayan upgrades have proceeded smoothly thus far, our growing reliance on its capabilities necessitates a shift towards entrusting its management to a dedicated team of experts.

We are keen to explore if such a service is available and, if so, how we can initiate the sign-up process.

Thank you!

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This is available under the custom contract option of our technical services: Mayan EDMS