MS Office Documents

I’m brand new to Mayan…trying it out to see if it fits my needs.

I added about 60 documents to play with the Doc Types, cabinets, etc. However, I do not get correct page counts or previews for MS Word documents. Am I missing something obvious? Or are only LibreOffice documents supported?


Hi there, I deal with mostly PDF files, but threw some docx files in my test server and they generated the correct page numbers and was able to see the preview of the pages ok. How are you running Mayan? What install method are you using? What version are you testing?

After you mentioned that you had luck with some .docx documents…I went back & took a look. I found that I had a single .docx document that was handled correctly.

The .doc documents were handled as I expected however. I converted a few of these to .docx & they were processed as I expected.

So, apparently, I need to convert all of my older format .doc’s to .docx format.