Monitoring and Performance Optimization

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Need help on the following items if available/possible:

Monitoring and Performance Optimization

  • Set up monitoring tools to keep track of system performance.
  • Optimize database queries and system configurations for better efficiency.
  • Monitor Storage Consumption.

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    1. Error logging and performance monitoring is done via the Sentry integration. Knowledge Base article: Enabling Mayan EDMS Sentry integration

    Sentry is commercial free open source software. You can self host or subscribe to their cloud hosted service.

  • 2a. Optimizing database queries cannot be by the user. These are part of the code and can only be optimized by changing the source code. Database queries are already optimized as per Django best practices. If you find an improvement of a specific app query, please post it here in the forum or open a merge request on GitLab: Mayan EDMS / Mayan EDMS · GitLab

  • 2b. Define “better efficiency”. Efficiency will vary for each installation’s main purpose. More concurrency? More throughput? More scalability? Less memory usage? Faster previews? Faster OCR? Improving one will decrease the others.

    Read the following Knowledge Base articles on scaling and performance by changing the deployment type:

    1. Which storage? Mayan has 11 independent storages.
    • Asset storage
    • Asset cache storage
    • Document file storage
    • Document file image storage
    • Document version page image cache storage
    • Signatures storage
    • Workflows preview storage
    • Signature capture cache storage
    • Source cache storage
    • Download files storage
    • App shared working storage

    Storage in Mayan is abstracted. By default it will be the system block storage, but it can also be a mounted NFS volume, a replicated Kubernetes persistent volume, a cloud object storage bucket. Mayan has no knowledge of the underlying storage technology, therefore it cannot know what is the size that was allocated to a particular storage.

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