Looking for Mayan EDMS support and customization

Hi Team,
Looking for someone to understand the Mayan EDMS system and possible customizations for our industry use case. If anyone is interested please do reach out to us at paramesh@ajna.cloud

Dear Paramesh:Send you PM.

We have extensive knowledge doing customization and white labeling of Mayan EDMS for premise and cloud reselling.

Under no circumstance contact the Mayan team, you will receive a quote for an exorbitant amount of money to do the customization and re-branding. They will also tell you it cannot be sold without their permission which is not true and perfectly legal.

American laws are not world laws.

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License is one thing, ownership (copyright) another, trademarks yet others. Free and open source software is not public domain, it is still owned by the copyright holder.

You can sell the media (CD-ROMs), equipment (servers), or service (cloud) upon which Mayan EDMS resides or operates, but you cannot sell the software itself as you don’t own it. This true for Mayan EDMS and for most Free licenses (GPL, Apache, Mozilla). There are other licenses that are more permissive in this regard like the MIT.

Mayan EDMS was originally GPL licensed. Mayan EDMS quickly became popular for commercial integration and usage and instead of granting individual commercial exceptions on top of the GPL for a fee, which is the most common procedure, it was decided to change the license to Apache 2 in version 1.0 (2014). The Apache 2 license is more permissive than the GPL and is friendly to commercial integration and usage. This change granted additional privileges to all users without having to pay any fees.


Derivative versions can be sold, provided certain requirements are met.

Under no circumstance, can the copyright notice be changed or removed.


Copyright are in fact international by means of treaties and reciprocity agreements.

Exorbitant is an ambiguous term as it relates to this topic.

Same with customization, is a very broad term. If can be somethings simple like changing the icons pack or something complicated like a new app, changes the user interface, or a new purpose built API.

In terms of price, this is how I see it: you trust the makers of the product enough to use the product and sell it to your costumers, but don’t trust the makers of the product when it comes to the value they bring by making changes just for you and your business. Quality or price, for the most part they are mutually exclusive.

Re branding is also very broad and has many requirements that must be met to comply with the Apache 2 license and copyright laws. If you change things like the color scheme or the icon set, that is permissible as it does not change the identity of the product. Changing the name and the logo is another thing as it gives your prospective users the impressions that it is an original product. It is the responsibility of the party performing these changes to comply with the terms of the Apache 2 license and copyright laws. Since they are selling a product, compliance with consumer laws for their specific region is also required. Badly implemented re branding can open up the provider to legal challenges not just by us, but also by their local government, or consumer protection groups.

The price we charge for re branding agreements ensures compliance and avoids many possible legal issues.

Besides the legal aspects of re branding, there is also the ethical side of things; you get somethings for free, you don’t contribute anything to it, want make money from it, and want to personalize it, but don’t want the original creators to make money from it. This kind of behavior and mindset are harming many free and open source projects to the point of maintainers quitting their projects.

In the case of Mayan EDMS, it is too ingrained in many mission critical places. Dropping or discontinuing Mayan EDMS is not an option. Therefore we have taken and continue to take steps to protect it and ensure its technical and business continuity. Many of these decisions are not popular (and are costly in terms of legal resources, advisors, registrations), but Mayan EDMS is 13 years old and still going strong. This validates how we are doing things, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Hi, @qoaofgmx for the response. We will get back to you.

@roberto.rosario Thank you for the reply, we are impressed with how the Mayan system was designed. To be clear, we are not planning to rebrand or hide Mayan copyrights or anything. We want to understand user training for us in terms of the features that Mayan already provides and we would like to understand how this fits our needs. That’s the intention. A few hours back we sent a request for the sales demo, but the meeting got rejected. Interested to talk to your team, to make conversation.


Haven’t received any message, could you please send us an email at paramesh@ajna.cloud


I checked and the sales video call meeting was cancelled because you indicated that your company cannot enter into commercial agreements with US entities, therefore there was no point in scheduling a sales meeting with our team.

This was explained in the cancellation email.

You also indicated no previous experience with Mayan EDMS or any other DMS but your website mentions that your sell your own DMS solution.

Hi Robert, We are currently using the product from Frappe named wiki as our document management system. Currently we are not happy with it