Linode: How to Implement a Cloud-based Document Management System, by Nathaniel Stickman

Linode has published another blog post outlining a highly available Cloud-based Document Management System using Mayan EDMS.

The blog post includes the steps and Terraform files to install Mayan EDMS via Docker Compose, configure NGINX as a proxy, set up SSL certification with Certbot and install a Prometheus node_exporter to observe the instance.

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Hmm. You think this would work in a geo-distributed setup? (Node 1 and 2 in separate cities and connected over run of the mill Internet WAN)

I would think so. From the point of view of the installations they are already separate systems. The defining factor would be the WAN latency and bandwidth.

If by “over run of the mill Internet WAN” you mean a self hosted VPN using a residential ISP, then it don’t think it would work reliably enough to run a serious workload. Best to use a carrier grade WAN solution or the internal network of the cloud provider and maybe even an SLA with some baseline network performance guarantees.

I didn’t deploy using Terraform and did not use Linode, but I did something similar with the Cloud hosted approach for a much smaller instance years ago. Then I believe we started our decade partnership - to date.

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