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Dear @roberto.rosario:

Thank you very much for your work producing Mayan EDMS. The high-quality standards and superb engineering are the reasons we selected it as the foundation for our flagship product.

Version 4.6 changes the license to GPL 2.0. This creates a problem for us since as a derived work, now the entirety of our improvements (which represent the competitive advantage in our market) need to be made public too.

As I mentioned, Mayan EDMS comprises the core of our flagship product which as of today serves hundreds of instances and is used by thousands of employees. Because of the resources devoted to adapt Mayan EDMS and the extent of its use, it is not feasible to start again and re-engineer the entire product.

Please advise on the course of action that will allow us to continue to use Mayan EDMS as the foundation of our enterprise.


Janice Joita
Product Manager
NeuraLogics, a metaOffice company.



The license change was done in response to the sudden increase in the number of license and copyright violations. New forks and commercial versions are welcomed but the terms of the license and the copyright have to be followed. These are not optional.

To allow for versions that don’t want to share their changes we added the paid option to obtain a re-licensed version of Mayan EDMS.

For versions that have not modified Mayan but have written modules that are distributed as a package, the Apache 2.0 license will suffice.

For versions that have modified Mayan and distribute it as their product, other licenses with these provisions are available.


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