Launch a sub workflow

Hello. I have created two workflows.

‘Categorize Invoice’ automatically launched on document creation.

‘Approve Invoice for Payment’ which I start using ‘Begin approval process’ Launch Workflow action from ‘Categorize Invoice’ workflow. It does not start on document creation.

But it appears that invoices which do not have a purchase order, do not transition to ‘Categorized as without purchase order’ state.

If I remove the ‘Begin approval process’ Launch Workflows action then the transition to ‘Categorized as without purchase order’ occurs.

Am I chaining workflows correctly?

It all looks good to me :man_shrugging:

Actually I do not see how the action on „Categorized as without…“ would relate to the workflow transition from the previous step. In theory and in my practical experience the workflow transition should only depend on the condition on your transition „Without purchase order“. Does your document transition to „Categorized as with…“ or does it stay in the „Document imported“ state? The latter seems to be the case when I look at your last screenshot. Are you sure that the transition condition is met?

Thanks. It does work now without changes. I’m not sure how, but could be related to Mayan running in VirtualBox and me putting the laptop to sleep. Probably user error.