Is Mayan a future-proof investment?

I came to this site to ask a question about Mayan’s future, found this thread, was a little annoyed that it got shut down, but I guess the polemic nature was a bit too much.

The question remains, at least for me. I do not want to be stuck in a few years with software that isn’t maintained anymore in a way that makes it suitable for larger-scale deployment. I am worried about the reliance on a single person, and about decision-making.

If we opt for the Mayan route, what guarantees do we have that we can still use this software in 10 years? That security problems still get patched? That innovation still happens?

We’re looking at level 3 or 4 support contracts — I am not here to demand dependence on an open-source project. But I want to know more about how the project and the business is run, how well it is off financially, what the succession plans are, etc., before I decide to enter this partnership.

What do you think?


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