Install Mayan EDMS on Windows Server 2019


Can Mayan EDMS version 4.3.1 be implemented on Windows Server 2019 using WSL 1? If possible, is there any tutorial that can be used as a reference for implementing it?


Refer to this topic for more details:

In short, with coercion, you can but will never be as optimal or stable as deploying as intended in a POSIX/GNU Linux OS. These have native support for containers, virtualization, and the entire stack vs. the emulated support Windows offers.

I tried to implement Mayan EDMS on WSL 1 using Ubuntu 20.04, but I got an error like this.

How to resolve this issue?

Please refer to the linked article above.

However, due to poor Windows container support, Mayan on Windows is not officially supported.

Platform: GNU/Linux distributions or operating systems that support mature virtualization and mature Docker with Docker Compose support.
For best results, use hardware that includes optimizations for virtualization and an operating system with native support for containers.
Docker implementations may vary depending on the host operating system. For best results use Docker on a well supported GNU/Linux distribution.

How to install Mayan EDMS in Windows operating systems?

Mayan EDMS doesn’t run natively on Windows. The best way is to use a virtual machine product, install Ubuntu or Debian, and proceed with the standard deployment instructions or use Docker inside a GNU/Linux virtual machine.

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