Somebody in the paperless ngx issues is doxxing @roberto.rosario and trying to kill mayan edms.

This is old, came up a while ago somewhere I can’t remember. A lot of people weighted in (some with GFX background) and almost all concluded it is a fake image. Shopped or a deep fake.

  • Head, torso and legs are comically out of proportions.
  • Body perspective correction doesn’t match the perspective of the door.
  • Head casts three shadows but the rifled doesn’t cast any.
  • Right and left shoulder don’t match.
  • Roberto is a big guy (6’2’’ - 6’3’'), AR-45 looks too big on his hands for someone like him.
  • Most telling: Left hand is completely wrong. Thumb should be down not up. Looks like a right hand was copy/pasted without flipping it.

The conclusion was that this started out as a real photo of Roberto posing with something on his hands but was heavily modified.

And not the first. There was a bad doxx meny years ago that doxxed his family and little child. Made me more respect of @roberto.rosario seeing all he goes when I learned it.

Googled “siloraptor” to be ready for a history of hate.

Many of us consider him a hero for mayan and also for his big bravery.

Yep, Roberto has been highly influential in Django and Python, but you would never knew that by what is public.

I still remember the IGDA kerkufle. How he was branded toxic, problematic and a danger to women with no evidence.

They stole projects from him like Awesome Django. The Django and Python foundations threw him under the bus after all he did to make them what they are today. PHP founders and even Eric S. Raymond came in to help him out, and even with their help he still got cancelled. Github, Django, Python, IGDA blacklisted and unpersoned him, erased from the histories.

Awful story but I concur, makes you admire the man even more. I’m thankful he’s still around with Mayan after canceling all his other open source projects.