I cannot use the mirroring index command

Hello mayan forum,

I m currently trying to share a mayan-edms index using the FUSE filesystem but I unfortunately encounter some errors.

After using the command “/opt/mayan-edms/bin/mayan-edms.py mirroring_mount_index testindex /indexes”, I get the error “fuse: device not found, try ‘modprobe fuse’ first” but I cannot use “modprobe” commands. After some research, it seems like my installation doesnt support the FUSE module but I m kinda confused about it.

If someone know how to fix it or have any solution, I will be grateful.
Do not hesitate to ask me any complementary information.

Best regards,


Are you using a direct installation or the Docker image of Mayan?

Hi Roberto,

I m using the Docker image of Mayan, I have the 4.4.5 on a VM and the 4.3.1 on an other one, I suppose that the latest is better but it doesnt really matter if we cant do what we want in the latest version.

Thank you for your quick answer.