I am giving up on Mayan EDMS (for now)

I think it is a great software with all the functionalities that I had been looking for. However, I couldn’t get it run consistently in my Windows10/WSL+DockerDesktop environment. My main issue was the search function never worked reliably whether I used elasticsearch or other search backends. I must admit that I am not a Docker/Linux/Pyhton person. I am sure if you are already fluent and comfortable with these, then you will be fine. Also I found that the documents are not easy/simple enough to read and follow for Windows only people.
Well,… hope to give it another try in the near future.
Thank you for your support during my trial period. Good luck.

Sorry to see you go. Thanks for the support, for your interest, and for trying Mayan EDMS.

While Mayan can work for home and small deployments, that sector of the industry is well catered for.

Mayan was designed from the start to solve the issue of open source document management at large scale. Mayan started as a tool to help governments handle millions of permit and regulation documents. This was a sector in 2010 that no existing software handled and dictated how Mayan was designed to work and grow. This is the reason for the focus on Linux/Docker/Kubernetes server based installations.

This sector grew a lot for about 10 years, but has since consolidated into a small number of competitors by acquisitions, mergers, and bankruptcy. This has left many organizations fully dependent on Mayan for many reasons beyond their control. Many of these organizations are non profits. We have a responsibility to them, to the early adopters, and to all the people that helped us grow and be the dominant project, product, and company we are today after 13 years.

It would be great to be able cater to some more sectors but even with more resources we cannot abandon or neglect what we do best, where we are a top choice, and in many cases like Military, Criminal, and Judicial, the only legally allowed solution, to attempt to do an acceptable job in a new, unknown sector. Not even multinational companies with billions of dollars at their disposal that those risks. They usually just purchase another company in the sector.

I hope this helps you understand the choices of technologies we support and I hope to see you back in the near future.

Best regards.

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Good day Dear Roberto,
I managed to install on Docker desktop, but each time I upload any document, it doesn’t reflect.

Please can I have a user manual for Mayan EDMS.
Now, I will likely try to install it on a Linux system

Thanks for the great job, you’re doing

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