How to organize tags within cabinets using the index tool?

I would really like to know if it would be possible to organize tags within cabinets, the cabinet acting as a parent node and a tag acting as a child/container node. @roberto.rosario

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By default as they are, this is not possible. A cabinet can only contain other cabinets or documents.

However you can use a workflow to dynamically create a cabinet level when a document is tagged. But this is more work than necessary. This is the problem that indexes solve.

Try to reformulate you original problem to see if another organization layout in Mayan is a best fit.

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I would like to configure the environment to function with two layers of organization, in index. For example, by department (finance, IT, HR…) and by collection (ledger books, bank receipts, asset records …). Do you have any suggestions for the best way to organize? @roberto.rosario

I think you can just use tags to keep track of all those document types. A document can have more than one tag, in this case the tag for the department and a tag for the collection. Each of those 2 could also be a different cabinet.