How to give different document permissions although same type and same state

Dear all,

I need help in setting what I want to achieve the right way in Mayan. I addressed this topic already, but not at the right place I guess because it was as answer to another related topic.

The example is a sales department with several salesmen. Each one need to have access to the documents relating to his own customers (for example in a regional area), but not to the documents relating to his colleagues’ customers, whereas the head of the department needs access to all documents.
In this case, the documents in question are in a way in the same state in a workflow (as far as I understand the workflow). For example an approved order. But the person who has to deal with it is different from one customer to the other.

Another similar topic would be the HR documents. Each HR manager is in charged of a group of employees. He needs access to the documents relating to employees he is in charged of, but not documents relating to other employees. The documents per se are of the same types, and even I guess in the same states when dealing with workflows.

How would you handle these typical study cases within Mayan ?

Ideally, access would be granted to a role with a specific metadata value, or label. However, this way seems not possible in Mayan.

I guess this question is related to Cabinets ACL - Documents still accessible
However, I do not understand how to achieve that with workflows.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello there, have you found a solution to this?.

I am in the exact same situation.
Any help is appreciated.

@roberto.rosario Please advice

Maybe you have to play with the group and roles?