How to enable encryption?

Hi, thanks for this great software!

I would like to encrypt my documents on the disk. I found the following in the release notes of version 3.4:

Similar to the compression stage, an encryption stage was added. This encryption stage uses AES and can transparently encrypt any storage stream ( document files, preview images, cached files). With this encryption stage Mayan EDMS can now provide encryption-at-a-rest regardless of the final storage medium.

Also, I saw @roberto.rosario’s comment here stating

We provide the most common use case which is encryption at a rest. This is done by the included encryptedstorage backend. Enabling this backend will encrypt documents in a transparent way.

I also found this knowledge base article on how to enable object storage backends. Should I simply write


in my docker compose .env file? And what are the steps to encrypt already existing documents?

I subscribed to the knowledge base last month in the hope that I would find this information in the articles about storage, but unfortunately it is not there (and now my subscription has run out).

Thank you :slight_smile: