How many document sources can be defined

Hi AIl,

Good day. I am new here so please be patient with me.

Just a quick one - how many document sources can be defined? Is there a limit to it?

Thank you in advance for your responses.



Then number of objects in Mayan, of any kind, are unlimited by design. The actual limit will be determined by deployment style (single host, VM, cluster, multi regional datacenter), hardware specs, use case, workload.

The type/class of objects, like the Sources, on the other hand, will for the most part, be determined by the application. Here are the default source types included.


Hi Roberto,

Thanks for the response. We are planning to deploy this at our school. What I have in mind is to install the mayan server as a VM in our IT office and configure document sources for each of our staff inside their local workstations. We have around 100+ faculty members and almost each one of them already have multi-functional devices. I am thinking of setting up staging or watch folders for each one of them. There’s no limit to this, right?

Also, once the scanned documents are uploaded to the mayan server, I am expecting it to grow in size over time. Is there a good starting point for the size of the storage for the mayan server? I mean, right now, we don’t have idea yet how much storage will be consumed for XX pages of scanned document and I would like to make sure that we have enough resources that can be allocated for the next 6 months? Will a 1 TB storage do?