How can I hide a documents from one user to another user in cabinates system?

in the above example i want hide the doucuments access from one state to another sate after transion .
For Eample I have 4 user 1st is Customer-Care-Agent(Vashant), 2nd is Accounts-Clark(sai), 3rd is Accounts Account-Officer(mohan) and 4th is Assistant-Engineer(vinay).
The task is:

  1. Customer-Care-Agent will upload the documents and after uplading he should make transition on that documents and after transition only the documents should be visible to Accounts-Clark, and After successful transition Customer-Care-Agent should not able to view the documents again
  2. Now the Accounts-Clark can make 2 transition according to his needs
    → If he sends the documents to the Accounts-Officer then only Accounts-Officer can able to see the documents and he can make further transition.and Accounts-Clark can not able to see the documents after this transition
    → If he sends the documents back to Customer-Care-Agent Then again Customer-Care-Agent is able view the documents and Accounts-Clark can not able to see the documents after this transition

This process should go on… so my requirements is according to “transition/state of documents” the particular user can able see the documents and if the user completed his work he can not able to see the documents again, the permission must be removed automatically

Please Please Please !!! Help me to acheive this functionality …

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If Anyone Have any suggestion Please do share your Opinion

Do you have a solution for it? Thanks you


This looks like a typical case for using roles. First, create the roles according to your workflow (customer care agent, accounts-clark, …) and put the users in.

Next you can use a workflow action (like you already have) for setting document permissions for these roles in each state. There is one for Granting and one for Removing document access. So on each state transition you can add actions on entry/exit to set permissions for the next state.

Regards, Torsten