Highlight search in results

Hi, I am testing mayan edms right now. I ve also tested some other dms.
I am missing one feature or I can not find it.
I ve added some documents. I find all documents with the search.
But when I open the document, the result is not highlighted as in other dms and how can I jump to the (next) result of the search in the document.

I ve a lot of documents with 100 pages in one document as an archive

thanks for your help

Hi there, I don’t think the feature of highlighting what you search for inside the document is in the Mayan. It would be nice, from what I have experienced searches search the OCR text stored in the database so it would only show the document.

I like you have a pdf of an archive of things. You can select the document, goto the files section of the document and look at content selection and search there. Or when I scan my documents I do OCR and already embed the text within pdf itself. Since I do that I can download the file and do a search within the PDF since the text its embedded.

thanks a lot for this information.
Unfortunately this is very laborious. During the scan process I also do OCR and embed the text in the pdf.
I like to switch from my current DMS, because of it’s proprietary pdf storage.
I ve also tried paperless-ngx. Paperless-ngx is highlighting the result in the pdf, but in paperless-ngx you dont have a permission system like in mayan.

But thanks a lot for your help.

I create a feature request for this two years ago: