Help me decide which to choose

I’m on the market for an open source DMS for my boss. I;m undecided between Mayan EDMS and PaperlessGNX. Both look very similar and have the same features. Paperless has just release version 2.0.0 and it includes an interesting feature called custom fields that allow adding any type of information to documents. This could be something like “Invoice Number” or “Date Paid”, with a data type of “Number”, “Date”, “String”, etc. There also plans allow linking documents and keep track of the source of a document.

Does Mayan has or plans to add anything like custom fields or the other features?

You are joking right? Paperless NGX “custom fields” is just a blatant copy of Mayan’s metadata system. Same with the document linking and document origin source info.

Does Mayan has or plans to add anything like custom fields or the other features?

Yes, has included it for many years now.

It’s astonishing how people pile on Mayan calling it “bloated” and other S$1T like that only to clap like mindless seals when Paperless adds the very same features!

Both look very similar and have the same features.

Same features? Not at all… By a long stretch.

I’m very sorry. I didn’t mean to cause offense. I’m very new to document systems.

Another question that I need to answer is how big is the Mayan team? If we commit to this it will be for many years. From what I could tell Paperless has 3 developers. Mayan seems to have only 1.

Paperless devs are just random anonymous people, they don’t publish any information about themselves. That is a BIG red flag. That along with the fact that the copyright for Paperless is a legal nightmare, shows it should not be used for anything serious. You open yourself up to technical and legal problems when you install Paperless NGX.

Mayan’s creator on the other hand is a well known public figure. Is an accomplished software and mechanical engineer with decades of experience in many fields. We built his own fricking holter/heart monitor!

Mayan is used by Carnegie Mellon University to tech software engineer how to build software.

Carnegie Mellon a top ranked software engineering university. That’s how good Mayan’s engineering is.

As a cherry on top, Mayan’s got a wide range of commercial support services.

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How big is which Mayan team?

Mayan has 17 different teams.

I’m part of the Corporate Liaison team. We use Mayan on our chain of community banks. We have insurance products that would not exist without Mayan. Since we depend on Mayan to run our business, I get paid by the bank to work on Mayan. I work with the Mayan developers but I’m not a core Mayan dev. I work on our own official fork and Mayan git branch, mostly work on features that are important to our operation. I work on these things under the supervision and guidance of the Mayan core devs so that those features and fixes are compatible and can be added back to the core codebase.

Besides the core dev team, I also work with the Mayan operations team to adjust and fine tune our Kubernetes deployments.

Since we do our own development we rarely interact with the support team, but I know they have a bunch of people there too. Some in-house, others are contractors.

In total I estimate there are about 300 people working on Mayan on a paid basis and at least 3000 volunteers. I mean, just look at the code and the amount of activity on the project (the open source aspects and the paid aspects).

Yea, he’s pretty amazing. A real joy and privilege to talk to.

Besides biohacking and biotech, he’s published works on Stoicism, Epistemology and Biblical archeology. I highly recommend you get and devour any of those!

Not just metadata for years but since the 1 commit in code for year 12 of start.

Mayan has metadata in code line 90 from year 2011.

The Mayan iceberg

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This is very exciting and more than I was hoping to learn about Mayan. Thank you.

I apologize again if I caused offense with my approach. It was not my intent.

We have an existing document repository of 70TB stored on a Synology NAS. We are desperate to move this to a more manageable medium and business assurance is very important.

I’ve just scheduled a call with Mayan support to discus a $1099/month contract because I think we will need Kubernetes due the repository size and user amount, and need to migrate our existing repository. Training will also help us with the on-boarding.

Thank you for all the information.

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Paperless NGX convert here :person_raising_hand:

Too unstable after a prolonged time. The last upgrade broke the entire system deleted some docs. Got tired and sick of having to babysit the Docker container.

Switched to Mayan and moved my docs using a curl script with the wonderful API :smiling_face:

Doubled my doc count in a month. Still same rock solid performance!