Helm Chart changes

The official Helm Chart was renamed to Helm Chart Stack. Update your Helm repository URLs to the following: Mayan EDMS / Helm chart stack · GitLab

This Helm Chart is now deprecated. While it worked well, the amount of work required to maintain the chart for not just Mayan EDMS, but also PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Minio, Cert Manager, along with other additions like managed settings, was too great and caused the Helm Chart to lag behind the Docker image in terms of configuration changes and capabilities.

The Helm Chart Stack is replaced with a new Helm Chart that only deploys Mayan EDMS. All other services need to be deployed using their respective charts. Since many of these now provide Kubernetes operators, this is no longer as time consuming as it used to be.

The new Helm Chart lives at: https://charts.mayan-edms.com/index.yaml and it is also published on ArtifactHub.