Ghost project


I started using Mayan on my home lab and think it’s an awesome project. Looking at the code I’m even more impressed with the engineering and care and style of it all. But it can’t recommend it for my work or my colleagues because when it comes to social media Mayan is a ghost. There are no videos, no videos, bad Google search results (mostly spam and fake links), the Facebook page is abandoned, little activity on Twitter, the GitHub page is abandoned. No internet footprint besides the website and the forum. With that prospect I can’t move forward with Mayan. So much promise and yet so unknown.

Sorry, such posts leave me weirded out. You are convinced by application and code, but you are missing social media marketing and therefore don’t want to use Mayan? :thinking:

Sounds like FUD.

I trust the Mayan code and the team way more than a random talking head in Youtube hyping the latest magic product to get a kickback.