Follow up and apology

I want to apologize for my previous post. Just a few minutes later I can see why the Mayan project is so selective and careful with contributions. If a project with the budget and staff as big as Ubuntu can still have antisemitic hate speech make it its way into the Ukrainian translation and have the entire release of an Linux distro recalled +> Ubuntu Desktop 23.10 ISOs Recalled Due To Malicious User Translations - Phoronix, I can only begin to think how much thought and stress goes into the Mayan subs process.

My comments came from misunderstanding and never meant to diminish the work that you guys put into this amazing project. I like to specially apologize to Roberto for my choice of words. I understand better now and only have praise and admiration at his fortitude, doing all this non stop for more than a decade.



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Pretty amazing project with commercial grade engineering. Hard to believe they give it away for free.