File Upload Issue

I’m encountering a problem with a recent deployment where uploaded files display a thumbnail indicating “No Valid or active version,” and I’m unable to view the documents. The deployment is containerized. I’ve set the logging level for the frontend to MAYAN_LOGGING_LEVEL=DEBUG, but I haven’t observed any errors in the logs.

  1. What additional steps can I take to troubleshoot this issue effectively? Are there any specific logs or configurations I should examine to gain more insights into the problem?
  2. Could you please clarify the architecture and flow of the system? I’m wondering if the frontend sends the request to the beat container, which then forwards the request to RabbitMQ to be processed by the worker containers. Understanding the communication flow between the components would be helpful in identifying potential points of failure.

Any guidance or suggestions on how to diagnose and resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you need any additional information or details about the deployment setup.


Using container version: mayan-edms:s4.5 and rabbitmq:3.12.7-debian-11-r0

How are the files uploaded to Mayan?
If uploaded via API you also need to activate a version of the document. Otherwise it’s not displayed.

I had a smiliar issue when uploading files in that way. I saw the versions of the document but no preview because no document version was set as active automatically.

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Hello Bastian thanks for the reply. I was uploading directly from the Mayan website. It was a fresh install so did not think to restart the worker pods. Restarted the worker pods and that seemed to resolve the issue.