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Dear @roberto.rosario,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to express our keen interest in acquiring the Mayan EDMS project along with your esteemed support company. Having closely followed the development and success of your project, we believe that its innovative approach and robust infrastructure align perfectly with our strategic goals and expertise.

Our team at Paramount Equity has a strong track record of successfully managing and scaling software projects similar to yours. We are impressed by the unique value proposition of Mayan EDMS and the dedication of your support team in providing exceptional service to clients.

By joining forces, we are confident that we can enhance the reach and impact of Mayan EDMS, while continuing to deliver unparalleled support to its users and explore new markets like Hosted Cloud Services among others.

We are committed to preserving the integrity and vision of the project, while leveraging our resources and experience to drive growth and innovation.

We understand that this decision is significant, and we are prepared to engage in detailed discussions to address any concerns and ensure a smooth transition process for all stakeholders involved.

We would welcome the opportunity to further explore this potential partnership and discuss how we can collaborate to maximize the value of Mayan EDMS and your support company.

Please let us know a convenient time for you to discuss this matter in more detail. We are excited about the possibility of working together and are confident that our combined efforts will lead to continued success and prosperity.

Thank you for considering our proposal. We look forward to the opportunity to connect soon.

Warm regards,

Bella Urohagri
VP of software acquisitions
Paramount Equity


The Mayan EDMS code base is 200K lines in size with a development cost of $8M USD. Since you are interesting is purchasing both, I can include the company for $7M USD as a bundle, for a total of $15M USD.

In order to consider your offer I’ll need the following:

  • Signed Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Financial Statements
  • Financial and accounting due diligence and compliance documents
  • Proof of Funds
  • Acquisition Agreement Draft
  • References and Background Checks
  • Timeline for the acquisition
  • Option Payment of 5% of the total price, $750K.

Once these are completed we can continue the conversation.

These terms are only valid for 30 days.

Thank you.

Dear @roberto.rosario:

Thank you for your prompt answer. We will discuss and consider your offer accordingly.

Warm regards,

Bella Urohagri
VP of software acquisitions
Paramount Equity

It’s 2024 reality and fiction are one and the same.


I was just playing along out of morbid curiosity. I do the same sometimes with Python and Django recruiters that contact me on LinkedIn with an AI generated message about how impressed they are with my resume.

Anyways, they offered $150K for complete copyright and IP transfer of Mayan and 51% control of the support company.

At the same time I would be an employee for 6 months at $2K monthly to do a full transfer of knowledge and client base. And be out of the company afterwards with a 5 year non compete.

Not that much different than the other 300 acquisition or copyright transfer scams we’ve have received in the last few years. This is the new Nigerian Prince scam for open source projects.

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