Error when searching a specific document type


I configured lots of document types. When using the advanced search I can find all of them by tpying the document label in the search field by. This works for all types (i.e. order, delivery, payment, …) except for one: AGB (which is GTC in German).

Why is that happening? How can I solve that?

Found the solution by myself: a rebuild of the search index seems to help.

The search index seemed to be ok, the error seems to occure if there are too many results found.

  • While rebuilding, when there were just a few documents available, then the error did not accure (because the search result set was small enough).
  • Now after the index was rebuilt for ~700 GTC documents, the error re-occured
  • When giving some more search criteria like a combination of metadata / filenames, then the error also does not occure

Could someone explain this behaviour? Where exactly is the limit? Why do not all search results show up - even if there are > 100 (in may case: “Show all documents of that type”)? The search results are paged anyways to not show up too many at once?

Regards Torsten